Electrolysis: 6 Things to Know

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Electrolysis is one of those things on our service menu that seems to confuse a lot of people. It’s not one of our more popular services, but it should be!

We’ve touched a little bit on electrolysis in the past. It has a long history of removing unwanted hair and was at it’s peak in the 80’s. So, what is it? Using a very tiny needle, called a probe, the technician injects electricity into the follicle of the hair. This electricity damages the follicle enough that it can no long grow hair. Once the follicle has been sufficiently zapped (sometimes it takes a couple tries), the hair is removed with a pair of tweezers. This process is repeated on each hair until they’re all gone!

There are a few things that you should know before booking your electrolysis appointment…

  1. One session (most likely) won’t get it all. Unless it’s just a few hairs here and there, you will need more than one session. Even if it is just a few hairs, sometimes some hairs are just more stubborn than others.
    2. Your first session should be 15 minutes long, that’s it! Electrolysis is a… different experience if you’ve never had it done before. Fifteen minutes gives us enough time to figure out your settings and gives you a chance to see if you can handle more than 15 minutes of it.
    3. You can book as often as you want! Unlike laser sessions where you need to wait 4-8 weeks between treatments, you can book as often as you like for electrolysis. If you think you want to do every day you could, but most people choose to come once a week!
    4. You can do it anywhere – although for larger areas, laser is better to start. Because electrolysis targets each individual hair, it’s not ideal for larger areas. We will likely recommend doing laser first and then continuing with electrolysis to get what’s left behind.
    5. It is safe for brows! If you have untamable brows, or just want to cut down the amount of time you spend plucking, threading or waxing, electrolysis is a great option!
    6. It works on hair colours! Laser is tricky because it target the pigment in the hair to deliver the energy to the follicle. For clients with really light hair or darker skin, this can pose a bit of a problem. However, because electrolysis works bu getting directly into the follicle, it works on all hair and skin types!

If you want to get rid of that stubborn chin hair for good or your brows tamed for good, electrolysis is a great option! Not sure if you should choose laser or electrolysis? Book in for a free laser consult and we can go over the pro’s and con’s for you!

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