Laurie wasn’t always an esthetician, in fact she started out as a graphic designer with a degree in design from YorkU. You never know where life can lead you! After starting her own business designing wedding stationery, she figured waxing from her two bedroom apartment might be a good way to make some extra cash, while still focusing on her design work. One thing led to another, and her waxing business took off! Laurie runs the business with her partner-in-crime (aka husband) Peter, while chasing after Christian and Stella, their kids. Oh, and let’s not forget her kitty, Madison, who used to hang out with clients when the spa was part of their house. And no, Madison has never been waxed (but true to form, he gets groomed regularly).

Laurie is certified in waxing, threading, electrolysis, Silkpeel Dermalinfusion, Microblading and laser hair removal.

Erin joined Bare Essentials as Laurie‘s maternity leave cover when Stella was first born in 2014. She had been an esthetician for 9 years, and had been working in retail/cosmetics when she decided to take the leap with Laurie and become her second full-time esthetician. Erin loves all things quirky, Harry Potter, and enjoys lounging around in her cat leggings. You’ll often find Erin with a new funky hair colour — purple, magenta, peach… what’s next? Her light-hearted personality is not reflective of her waxing skills, so don’t fret, you’re in great hands when you book with Erin.

Erin is certified in waxing, skin care & facials, Silkpeel Dermalinfusion, and laser hair removal.

Angela has been with Bare Essentials since September 2014, when we unveiled the new space. She’s passionate about waxing and all things skin-related. She’s a softie for dogs, and will chat your ear off about her beloved fur-baby, Weezy. You’ll often hear how much she loves working at Bare Essentials. Don’t mind her small frame, she can wax as good as the rest of them!

Angela is certified in waxing, skin care & facials, spray tanning, microdermabrasion, Silkpeel Dermalinfusion, and laser hair removal.

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What to expect when you come to Bare Essentials? We’re not your typical spa, that’s for sure! We’re a team of cool, down to earth ladies, who are quick, efficient, and friendly, not to mention have great taste in music! We offer salon quality services without the price tag. We’re appreciative of all of our clients, and love to hear feedback, good or bad! Did we exceed expectations? Would you like to see a new service added? Feel free to drop us a line, or leave us a review on any of our social media sites.