Laser and Realistic Expectations

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Laser is one of our most popular and misunderstood services here at Bare Essentials. I’ve written lots about the Frequently Asked Questions regarding laser, the difference between Laser and Electrolysis and the history of laser. (If you’re thinking about doing laser, these are definitely posts that you should read over!) But one thing we haven’t touched on is realistic expectations of …

What to Expect after a Facial!

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Facials are an important, albeit overlooked, part of skin care. If you’ve never had a facial before, it’s definitely something worth trying if you struggle with your skin. They’re a great way to pinpoint any issues you’re having, treat current conditions and figure out a long term solution. While some facials have relaxation properties (massage for example), they’re main purpose …


The Best and Worst Times to get Waxed

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Let’s face it, waxing isn’t exactly a walk in the park. No one really looks forward to having their hair removed, but it is an unfortunate reality these days. We have talked a lot about what to do before and after your waxes to ensure they give you the results you’re looking for. But did you know there are good …


What Happens when you DON’T Take Care of your Skin

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  At then end of a long day removing makeup, washing your face and partaking in a long skin care routine can seem daunting. But not taking care of your skin can have some alarming long term affects. This week we’re looking t what happens when you don’t take care of your skin! I’ve broken this down into 3 categories: …


Busting Waxing Myths 2

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I write a lot (A LOT) about the benefits of waxing over shaving. Or laser over waxing. Or basically any form of hair removal versus another form of hair removal. I’ve talked about common waxing myths in the past, but this week I’m looking at the most popular myths regarding why you shouldn’t wax. Now, everyone is entitled to their …


Get your BEST Winter Skin!

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It seems funny to be writing about Winter skin when it hardly feels like Winter has hit at all! But, if you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed some changes in your skin since the temperature started dropping. The biggest changes for me have been my skin’s ability to hold moisture and fine lines and wrinkles making their appearance. This all …

NEWSFLASH: February Pricing Changes!

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Hey folks! New Year’s always gets people thinking about change. A change in diet, a change in lifestyle, a change in attitude. It got us thinking about change too! Starting February 1st, you may notice some of our services have changed in price. For your convenience, I’ve laid them out here before they take effect so you know what you’re …

Bare Essentials Gift Giving Guide 2016!

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Well folks, we’re just a week and a half out from the big day! I’m sure some of you have had your shopping done for weeks, while others may just be starting now. And there’s even some of you who will wait until next week to even think about it. No matter how far along in the Christmas preparation you …


Bare Essentials Holiday 2016 Hours!

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The most wonderful time of year is here! And just like many other businesses in our community, we have reduced hours during this magical time of year! Regular hours until December 23! December 24, 25, 26: We are closed! December 27: 9-6 Regular hours December 28 – 31. January 1 & 2 we are closed. On behalf of Bare Essentials, I wish …


Microblading: Everything you need to know to get your brows on fleek semi-permanently!

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Microblading has become increasingly more popular in the past couple of years, and for good reason. If you’re a fan of our Facebook page or Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of Laurie’s Microblading clients. Imagine not having to fill your brows every day, being able to go swimming without fearing your brows will simply disappear or run down your face. …