If i never had to shave my ______ again, i’d be happy!

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We all have that body part that drives us nuts. You shave in the morning (eep), and by the end of the day, you’ve already got a shadow. So you try waxing, and that goes okay, but by 3 weeks you’ve got to wax again… UGH. Now what? Well, there’s laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction …



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Microdermabrasion — sounds extravagant, right? It’s a fancy shmancy way of calling it a deep exfoliation. I tried coming up with an intelligent, original way of describing the process but figured it would be much more accurate and put together more cohesively if i just copied and pasted from the SilkPeel website itself: The term microdermabrasion covers a range of …


Happy Birthday to… us!

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So it’s been 5 years that we’ve been in business, and i still have a handful of clients that have been with me since the beginning — although at the beginning it was really only a handful; they’ll attest to the fact that in five years, the face of this business has changed immensely. I started solo, waxing from my …


Laser FAQs!

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So y ou’ve heard the hype, you see a groupon deal almost every week on laser hair removal, you’ve even seen my black friday/janYOUary sales and you’re skeptical. You’ve got questions, i’ve got answers! Here are the most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal, based on the conversations i’ve had with you guys: Does it hurt? My laser, the Lightsheer DUET, …


Payment Plan!!!

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for: I asked, you answered, i’m delivering. Nobody wants hair, right? Right. At least everywhere except your head, and even at that, some parts of your head have hair that shouldn’t. I’m here to help you in any way i can, and my M.O. has always been to be affordable and fair to my …


Eviction Notice

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No — not me. can you imagine? So here’s the reason i’ve been a bit absent and “off” lately …. Check out the eviction notice served to Christian. Yep, that’s right!! Poor kid has no idea what’s coming to him, and yet he looks soooo happy. Is it strange that now what i’m dreading is hearing congrats 30x/day? haha — …


She’s been there, done that, wrote the book.

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I keep hearing: “OMG, you look great!”, or “have you been losing weight?” or “Laurie, what are you doing!?” — it’s no secret, and i appreciate the recognition and all; it helps me keep going, because you never notice it on yourself until you needto use a smaller hole in the belt or buy a new pair of smaller jeans. …


Embodied Energy (psst. i’m coming for a massage)

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Earlier this year, i set up a table at the Total Woman Show and did the usual free brow waxing like i do at WLU three times a year. Two days and 300 brows later, we finally made friends with our neighbours — Embodied Energy. Tricia runs a private personal training studio, and also has an RMT in house for …