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Enhancing those Brows: Microblading vs. Brow Tattooing

April 4, 2019

Hey beauties!

This week I wanted to take a look at some semi-permanent brow options. If you’re new around here, you might or might not know that we offer cosmetic tattooing! It’s actually one of our most popular services and spots are highly sought after.

There are lots of different cosmetic tattooing options, but today I want to zero in on the main differences between two popular type of brow enhancements - Microblading and Brow Tattooing. On the surface, they seem like pretty similar procedures, right? Well, not quite.

Let’s start with Microblading. This form of semi-permanent brow tattooing uses a tiny blade to inject pigment under the skin. The strokes replicate the look of your natural hair and create a 3D effect, making your brows look natural and fuller than before.

Microblading began gaining popularity in Asia about 25 years ago. However, even though it is gaining a lot of traction over on our side of the world, it is not well documented. It has really evolved though - things like crossing your strokes (which was the norm) has since been abandoned and ‘3D Brows’ have been developed. Even in Asia, many artists are working on new techniques in this field. Things like 6D Brows are the new thing with artists across the pond.

In 2015, Microblading overtook Permanent Makeup in Google searches. While that seems like a tiny achievement, it shows that more and more people were interested in this new form of brow enhancement. The following year, it became more mainstream with its first endorsement from Bella Throne, who visited Microblading LA - a story that was big news at most beauty media outlets. (

Now brow tattooing is a little bit different. It is done with a tattoo gun, like most other tattoos are done. The process falls under the Permanent Makeup category, and gained a lot of popularity in the 80’s and 90’s with many sporting boxy brows and tattooed on eyeliner. Luckily for us, there have been some major advancements in this field.

The first documented permanent makeup procedure was done in 1902 in London and was a blush application. In the 1920’s, this procedure made its way over to North America and boomed in popularity in the 1930’s. Since then, permanent makeup has become one of the top cosmetic enhancement options and continues to grow across the globe. While brows are the most common choice, lip and eyeliner are also still top options. (

Since then, brow tattooing has evolved tremendously to include a wide variety of different techniques, some of the most popular techniques are the powder and ombre brows, or even a combination of the two! Brow tattoos of the past looked chunky, blocky and had very little depth. But now artists are combining techniques to provide their clients with the perfect brows for them!

In terms of healing, they both have a similar stages and aftercare. Immediately after, you may think they seem a bit bold, but that is normal and they will fade while they heal up. You will also notice a bit of peeling and flaking in the following weeks. Again, this is totally normal! You will be given specific aftercare instructions, so make sure you follow them to ensure you get the best results. Make sure you keep them dry and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

With both techniques, you will need a touch up about 4 to 6 weeks after your initial procedure. This will allow your artist to patch up any areas that may not have healed properly, and to do any minor adjustments to the colour or density.

Well, that about sums up the main differences! The great thing about Microblading at Bare Essentials is that our artist is trained in a wide variety of different techniques, so she is able to create the perfect, custom brow just for you! We offer free consultations, so if you’re still looking for more information, get in touch to book a consult!


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