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Let's Talk About Depilatory Cream

November 30, 2018

Hey babes!

Hair removal comes in all shapes and forms. From temporary to permanent. Razors to lasers. There seems to be something for everyone. Today we're going to talk about depilatory (hair removal) creams.

So, it's no secret that we like waxing here at Bare Essentials. I mean, we wouldn't do it if we didn't love it, right? Because I've spent so much time talking about waxing in previous posts, I'm going to skip over it for now.

Now, when it comes to depilatory creams I think most people have some sort of story about trying them once. Nair is probably the most well known brand. I remember being a pre-teen searching for a solution to the hair on my legs, so I opted to try the hair removal cream. I was lucky - despite not doing a test patch, I managed to use the cream without a problem. However, not everyone is so lucky.

Here's the thing about depilatory creams - so much can go wrong. From allergic reactions to chemical burns, there is a very high risk that something will go awry.

Allergic reactions are one of the top troubles cream users run into. Now to be fair, this typically happens because the user didn't test it out. But, sometimes even when you do test it out in one spot, you don't know how you're going to react in another area.

Chemical burns are the next most likely issue that cream users run into. There's a couple reasons for this, but usually it gets left on too long. This stuff is no joke, guys. Follow the instructions!

Sometimes people try to multitask and take a shower while they leave the cream to do its thing. The heat mixed with the chemicals… well, it's not a good scene.

Lastly, sometimes it just burns you. I've read countless testimonies about people following the directions to a tee and still ending up with chemical burns. It can be caused by small lesions in the skin from shaving, so wait a couple days before using the cream on a shaved area.

If you're set on using a cream, always buy the one meant for the area you're using it in. A little known fact is that many of these products actually aren't made for your downstairs. The skin there is extra sensitive so the chemicals can do some serious harm down below. If you're using it on your face, make sure to grab one specifically for your face. Again, this skin is more sensitive than the skin in the rest of your body and will be more likely to react to the chemicals.

Or, just don't use it! We would hate for you to end up in one of our Halloween Hair Removal Horror Stories posts. Waxing, threading, laser and electrolysis are all ways to help you get rid of your hair either permanently or short-term. And all of the estheticians in our salon are carefully trained with the proper certifications in their respective fields.

Yes, there are some risks to waxing. But seeing a professional for your treatment will give you an infinitely better chance of not burning your skin off.

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