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Pregnancy and Waxing

December 5, 2018

Hey BE Babes!

Or should I say babies? That’s my terrible attempt at humor and segue into what we’re going to talk about today - pregnancy and waxing. We get asked multiple times a day if waxing during pregnancy is safe. The short answer is YES it is!

I’m sure there are a few momma’s out there who are celebrating because let me tell you - grooming gets much harder once that bump makes its appearance. Your lungs get all squished up in your ribcage, making bending over feel like an Olympic sport. All of the sudden shaving your legs, and pretty much anything else, seems like an impossible task. Trust me, Mommas, I know.

So what should you know about waxing while pregnant?

Well, again it is completely safe - no harm will be done to baby.

However, if you’re someone who gets brazilians, they do hurt more. Extra blood is flowing to that area, and can cause swelling. This is completely normal, but because it’s already likely a little tender, the waxing is going to hurt more. There isn’t anything we can suggest for you to do before hand besides your regular exfoliation and keeping up with the waxing at 4 week intervals.

You may feel a little more tender than normal afterwards as well, but using a cool cloth in the area can really help to take down the swelling and alleviate some of that discomfort you’re experiencing. If you’re skin is feeling more irritated than normal, pure aloe can also help to soothe any post-wax discomfort.

Nearing the end of your pregnancy and need to get waxed? No need to worry about getting stuck on your back. All the rooms have pillows, or we can get you a pillow, so help take some of the pressure off your lower back. Just ask for it at the beginning of your appointment and we will get that for you!

Now, not all mommas have this issue, but some women may find that their skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. If you’re getting anything on your face waxed, you may notice you’re more susceptible to breakouts. Again, this is totally normal during pregnancy (even if you don’t get waxed!) and can be combated a few ways.

You can avoid this breakouts by making sure you’re not putting on make up right after you get waxed. This will give the skin time to calm down, and the make up won’t get trapped in your pores. Get yourself a good facial scrub and use it 24 hours after your wax. Charcoal is a great option for your face and will help combat all different kinds of acne, whether it’s caused by waxing or from pregnancy related hormones.

If you do find that you’re extra sensitive, there are a few other options to try. Hard Wax is a great option for the brazilian if you find your skin is more likely to lift during pregnancy. It attaches more to the hair, so it reduces the risk of lifting. It can also be used for smaller patches on the face, but it can’t be used for larger areas like arms and legs (sorry!).

Another option if you find yourself breaking out after facial waxing is threading. Oftentimes people break out after waxing as a reaction to something in the wax or something that is put on afterwards. Threading doesn’t leave any residue and is gentler on the skin. Many people on skin-thinning medications choose threading to help get rid of unwanted facial hair.

So Mommas, not to worry! Whether you want to start waxing to stay on top of your grooming needs or you want to keep on waxing, you don’t need to worry! It’s 100% safe for you and baby.


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