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Resolutions Your Skin will Thank You For

January 10, 2019

Happy 2019, babes!

It’s a new year, and heck, it may even be a new you! Everyone seems to take the beginning of the new year as a good time to start new habits or break old ones. If you haven’t quite settled on what your resolution should be this year, I’ve got the list for you!

Check out some of the top resolutions your skin will thank you for!

1. Drink more water

If you’re anything like me, your main source of hydration is coffee. Water does all kinds of amazing things for our bodies, and in particular for our skin. Water helps to hydrate everything from the inside out. It helps to remove toxins from our system and restores moisture to the outer layer.

If you’re someone who is a chronic non-drinker, upping your daily water intake to roughly 2 litres/day will give you amazing results. You may notice your blemishes disappear, your skin begins to glow, and dryness begins to disappear. Non-skin related effects include feeling more awake, reduced cravings and better sleep.

2. Get active!

This is by far this most overdone resolution there is, I know. But hear me out!

Adding a daily sweat sesh is better for more than just your waistline. Sweat helps your body to release toxins and excess water. Getting your sweat on can also increase blood flow to your face leaving you glowing all day long. It can also help to reduce inflammation and help start the cell turnover process. Just make sure you’re washing your face after each workout to help unclog pores and get rid of any bacteria left on the skin.

3. Get more sleep!

Ah, sleep. The one thing everyone can’t seem to get enough of. Sleep is a wonderful, glorious thing for your overall well being. And it’s basically magic for your skin. Not only will you feel better mentally and physically, your skin will also look better.

Sleep helps your skin repair itself and turnover the damaged and dry skin cells, revealing the beautiful, glowing skin underneath. If you’re someone who suffers from dark bags under your eyes, sleep can help to drastically reduce their appearance.

4. Start a new skin care regime!

Okay, so this one is a little bit on the head, but if you’re someone who isn’t big on the daily routine this will make a huge difference. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy: wash, tone, moisturize. If you really want to step it up a notch, add SPF daily to really help with the anti-aging.

If this is something on your list of resolutions, the best place to start is talking to a skin care professional. An aesthetician is a great resource to help you pinpoint what your skin needs and what kind of products and ingredients you should be looking for or avoiding.

5. Eat better!

Not eat less, not eat the latest fad diet program but eat better, more nutritional foods. Orange foods in particular tend to be packed full of skin loving vitamins. Fruits and veggies are your skin’s best friend!

You can slather on all the vitamins and minerals you want, but the best way to help get your skin those extra vitamins is to actually eat them. Foods to cut back on include dairy and anything with a lot of grease (aka fast food). Both of those contain ingredients that will cause acne flare ups and increase oil production.

6. Take time for sun protection!

Okay, this might fall a little bit under the umbrella of starting a skincare routine, but this one is important enough to stand alone. Living where we do, it’s easy to take sun protection for granted since we don’t seem to get much sun. But UVA and UVB rays can still do damage even if the sun isn’t showing it’s face.

Putting on sunscreen everyday can help to slow the signs of aging, cut down on dark spots and protect your skin from cancer-causing rays. If those aren’t reasons to start wearing sunscreen in the winter time, I don’t know what is!

Is your resolution on this list? What are some of your 2019 goals?


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