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Spray Tanning Pre and Post Care Information

March 1, 2016

Before you come in for a spray tan, make sure you take a shower and use an exfoliator to scrub away dead skin cells. This will help the spray tan sink into your skin and last as long as possible. Wear comfortable, baggy clothing to avoid any rubbing or smudging of the spray tan.

After you get sprayed, the formula will continue to darken for a few hours. Do not be alarmed when it goes darker than what you had hoped – this is normal! The spray tan will also begin to look ‘muddy’ during this time. Again, this is normal! Do not panic!

You may notice that certain areas, like any crevices or your face, seem darker. This is also normal. We will go darker on the face to ensure it lasts as your face is generally what gets washed the most frequently. Other areas of your body may go darker than others, it just depends on your skin. The tan will settle into dips in the skin, most commonly noticed on the neck, and make those areas appear darker. Again, this is normal and will even out when you shower.

Wait until the next morning or 8-12 hours to shower. Do NOT use any exfoliators to ensure that you don’t scrub off the tan. We recommend using a wash cloth or your hands to apply your body wash. Showering less frequently (if you’re able to) and applying moisturizer regularly can help to ensure the longevity of your tan.

You can expect the tan to last anywhere from 4-7 days following the above guidelines. We generally recommend spray tanning 24-36 hours before any event you may want it for to ensure it has time to properly develop.

Things to Avoid:

Do not shower less than 8 hours after getting sprayed. This will ensure the tan enough time to develop and sink into your skin. If you do shower less than 8 hours afterwards, the tan will be much lighter than anticipated and will not last as long.

Do not rub or apply water to areas that are ‘too dark’ or where you see a line. Let the tan develop and shower the next morning. If you still feel you are too dark, exfoliate a little bit in the shower which will help lighten it up. If you still have any splotches or lines after showering, please give us a call and we will instruct you further from there.

Avoid working out or any activity that requires excessive sweating or water. Simply put, you will have lines left from the water/sweat streaking down your skin and that will be difficult to fix by simply showering.

If you have any other questions about post-care, please do not hesitate to call or text us at (519)884-8660 or shoot us an email at [email protected]


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