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What Shaving Does to your Skin

October 25, 2018

Hey lovlies!

When it comes to hair removal, it’s probably pretty obvious we stand firmly against shaving and prefer waxing or laser instead! There are lots of reasons why we feel that way, especially when you break down some of the things that shaving does to your skin. So let’s look it over shall we?

First of all, shaving provides a gentle exfoliation. We are all for scrubbing and keeping away dry skin, but you do need to be aware of how often you are exfoliating. We typically recommend a good scrub every other day, or less if you find your skin is drier than before. However, many people need to shave daily in order to keep as hairless as they would like to be. However, this can lead to dry, flaky and peeling skin.

If you are shaving an area and finding this to be the case, make sure you are moisturizing right after you shave and use some sort of oil or shaving cream when you shave the area. If you’re able to reduce the amount you shave, that will also help to keep the dryness at bay.

Next, razor burn is a real problem for many people who opt to shave over other forms of hair removal. It typically happens when you shave without using some sort of lubricant, however it can also just happen. The problem with razor burn is that once it happens, it becomes a sort of cycle especially for avid shavers. Once the burn pops up, if you continue to shave over it, it just gets worse and worse.

When it comes to razor burn, the best thing you can do is wait it out until it’s gone. This means not shaving and keeping the skin well moisturized. Things with heavy scent could make it worse, so opt for something like coconut oil to help with any dryness.

Another issue with shaving is the risk of nicks and cuts. Now, I’m sure pretty much all of us have cut ourselves at least once while trying to shave. And man, those little cuts can bleed! Most of the time those little cuts are cleaned up and heal quickly on their own. However, every once in a while those cuts can get infected and create quite the hassle.

These can sometimes turn into large, puss filled bumps. They can get massively infected and in some extreme cases, even require hospitalization. Now, nicks are more likely to happen in areas that are difficult to reach areas - like your ankles and more delicate areas. To avoid infection, make sure you thoroughly clean any cuts and cover with alcohol soaked paper or cotton pads. If it does get infected, apply polysporin to the area and make sure to keep it clean. If the infection persists, talk to a healthcare professional.

So, what can you do to lessen your chances of these things? Well, make sure you change out your razor regularly. It is recommended that they are switched every week. The blades can pick up tons of bacteria, so try to keep the blade away from warm, damp areas. If you see any rust, make sure that you change out the blade before using that.

Most cuts are caused by dull blades because the user needs to press harder in order to cut the hair. That's when those lovely ankle nicks that bleed for hours happen.

Of course, it may be easier on your pocket book and sanity to switch to waxing! Waxing only needs to be done once every 4 weeks or so. Plus, you're guaranteed a thorough job and the risk of infection is zero as we don't double dip!

So, if you're thinking of making the switch, what are you waiting for!? Plus, if you give us a like on Facebook, you get $5 off your first service of $25 or more. Book your appointment today!


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